Antique Book Prices and Strangers Calling About Goldmines

The world of antiques is one of the most exciting arenas in all of collecting. And, within the antiquing niche, antique book prices indicate that people are increasingly fond of gathering these rarities. What this means, in turn, is that you need to really know your antique book prices before you venture off into collecting in this sphere, so you always know what you’re getting and if it’s a fair price.

The first step is knowing the going Demo Slot Pragmatic antique book prices regardless of your reason for collecting. Unless money is no object and you just found the one remaining piece for your collection you’d buy at any price, realizing how grade affects value is also important. So, maybe you are a collector who likes to trade these valuables as a business. You could be an investor who buys appreciating assets and sells to the highest bidder. You might be looking for a great antique book to adorn your cozy living room, and so it’s more of a piece of art. Or you might be the avid collector that needs to fill that last slot in the series. Either way, if you do not know your antique book prices, you’ll risk paying too much at times. Other times, and perhaps worse, you will not know when you’re passing up a great bargain.

I mentioned the grade of the book earlier, so let’s talk briefly about how condition can affect antique book prices. Technically, a book over 100 years old is an antique. But, while this age means someone took reasonably good care to still be around, it doesn’t ensure that the specimen is up to par. Some of the things you will want to look for are pages with folded corners, tears, marks, and especially warped corners. There can also be excess wear and tear. You might also see if something might have been spilled on the book at some point in the past.

Once you find your new gem, you want to care for it like a baby. You can’t control how it came to you, but there are things you can do to care for it. For instance, always keep the book away from excess light, especially sunlight. You also want to avoid moisture, including humidity. Try not to stand the book, as a flat surface is best for storing it. Watch out for unsealed wood. If you’ve ever heard of how artists use acid free paper to protect their work, then this is the same concept. You want to keep acid from the wood from infecting the book. Follow these simple guidelines and you will help maintain high antique book prices.

Here are a few quick points about issues other than quality that can affect antique book prices. Age is a factor, but all antique books are old. As always, supply and demand are key. And popular items such as a nice copy of Gone With the Wind will be worth more than a well-preserved older book nobody has ever heard of. Books that are signed by the author or someone “important” will be worth more as well. You might also have a copy that was a special edition of sorts. This will also be more rare, and more valuable.

As for getting a reliable source for antique book prices, I suggest befriending a dealer. With my personal collecting, I’ve gotten in good with dealers, even as far away as England from the united states. I’ve therefore been the recipient of extremely rare finds where the dealer simply knew to contact me first. Better still, my name gets around and then people know me when i do not even know them. One of my best goldmines I ever came across was a stranger calling form the Midwest with a batch of 17 items found in the attic of some old house. I never knew this person, but they knew I’d be interested! The dealer is obviously out to make some cash, so it won’t be as cheap as discovering it for yourself at an estate sale. However, the wealth of knowledge and contacts will be treasured by you.

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