Are Online Courses a Good Way to Learn Web Development?

So, you’re thinking about learning web development skills. The first thing you should do is get clear about what exactly the term web development refers to, as it is commonly confused with web design. While web design refers to the outward appearance of websites, development is the practice of creating and compiling the web codes and applications necessary for the website to function in the manner it has been designed to operate. The role of web development is to control all of a website’s hidden functionalities and display mechanisms.

Learning the techniques of a course in miracles web development will involve becoming familiar in the use of online scripting languages such as HTML and JavaScript, as well as understanding the differences between the databases platforms upon which websites are built. Two of the most popular platforms are PHP and ASP.NET. When you’re considering what might be the best methods of learning these skills, online courses are probably the first thing that comes to mind. A quick search will reveal that there is a huge amount of free online web development courses advertised across the internet – and, of course, an online course may seem like the best way to learn the skills toward an industry that is clearly based on the internet.

Despite these seemingly good reasons to opt for an online web development course, online may not necessarily be the best exclusive method of gaining the necessary knowledge. Firstly, online courses rarely award recognised diplomas, which may lose you respect and cause difficulty when applying for work. Online courses can also be a difficult forum in which to learn some of the most basic concepts required for any web development activities because virtual tutorials do not offer the correct progression, structure, or guidance that can be found in courses attended in person at a relevant institution. While online courses may be useful for gaining minor skills once you have a basic grasp, they are not suitable for someone just starting out because they are too unstructured and not as interactive as may be necessary for a full understanding of necessary concepts.

Ultimately, a combination of attending a regular course and supplementing it with online tutorials, independent practice and industry placements is the way to go to become a web development whiz. A basic 12 or 18 month Diploma course will provide you with training in HTML, JavaScript, PHP and database design which will give you a solid foundation. Once you have a strong foundation, expanding your knowledge with online courses may be a valuable strategy to reach your web design and development goals.


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