How To Play Hard To Get With A Girl In 5 Easy Steps

Women aren’t the only ones who have to keep their feelings to themselves. As a guy, you have to call girls in karachi know how to play hard to get with a girl as well.

For ladies, it’s all about not making themselves look too easy. For men, it’s more of being careful and certain with their choices. After all, once you show your interest, women will automatically assume too much too fast.

Keep awkward situations away by learning how to play hard to get with a girl. Here’s how:

Step 1: Know Where You Stand.

The first thing you must figure out is whether or not your chosen lady likes you in the first place. If she doesn’t like you or consider you to be a romantic interest, then all your hard work playing hard to get may not bear any results.

Step 2: Strong And Silent Helps.

When you’re not sure what to say or how to act, acting like the strong and silent type is (more often than not) the solution. Keeping to yourself gives you more time to think about what to say and prevents you from saying anything you may regret.

Step 3: Don’t Be Over Easy.

Women also love it when you know how to play hard to get with a girl. Like men, they also enjoy a challenge.

They’re used to guys approaching them all the time, asking for their number and buying them drinks. To be the only one who is a little standoffish can be quite attractive.

Step 4: Limit Your Calls.

When you have the girl’s number, it’s tempting to call her right away or to leave a message barely 30 minutes after you’ve separated ways. However, this could be a real turn off.

Learning how to play hard to get with a girl means not calling right away and keeping your calls limited, at least until the two of you develop a deeper understanding.

Step 5: Don’t Monopolize Her Dance Card.

Dance cards are a thing of the past, but there are still guys who make their feelings obvious by dancing with the same girl multiple times a night.

If you are invited to a social gathering, dance with the woman you like, but dance with the others in the room as well.

When not dancing, don’t stand in one corner and stare at her all night. Instead, mingle with other guests, try the punch and have a good time.

Knowing how to play hard to get with a girl can be your ultimate dating weapon. Use it well.

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