Rocket Chinese Review: My Experience With This Online Course

Welcome to my Rocket Chinese Review. In this review, I will let you know my experience with this online course. But just in summary, I thoroughly enjoyed this course and really recommend this to all of you that would like to learn Chinese but in a fun and interesting way.

Firstly, upon paying for the course, you are instantly taken to a dashboard. A dashboard is basically like an index or contents page of the whole course. The dashboard is organised into four sections. Here I will explain what you receive in this course:

1) Audio lessons

These are the core lessons that will help you learn Chinese by listening to conversations in Chinese. These conversations are between two teachers, Lin Ping, who is the Chinese tutor and also Dave who is British. These conversations are recorded in the audio and you have the ability to stop, rewind and replay as many times as you like and this allows you to learn quickly the Chinese spoken word.

Along with these Audio lessons, you can print off the transcripts so you have lessons printed on paper to allow you to follow the audio lessons easily. Not only are the lessons written in pinyin (which means the English equivalent which is written based on the accent of the Chinese) but the lessons are also written in Chinese characters, otherwise known as Chinese script.

You can also record your voice while speaking in Chinese a course in miracles  . And there is a section that allows you to write any notes down onto the dashboard.

2) Language and Cultural Lessons

The next section of the dashboard is language and culture lessons. This is where you learn more about grammar as well as interesting cultural facts about the Chinese language. Like the audio lessons, there are also written lessons that you can also print off.

This section also helps you to improve your Chinese accent and aids you in pronunciation.


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